Football Finance Professionals was incorporated in 2020 to provide executive education to professionals who wish to learn about finance through the medium of football. 

Using the knowledge of professionals who have had successful careers in sport off the pitch, who have a passion for football, sport and education, our ambition is to deliver a unique view of finance through the medium of football. 

The way we learn continues to evolve and with the acceleration of online learning, we are now able to access the knowledge and experience of those who were previously inaccessible. 

Football Finance Professionals plans to be at the forefront of an exciting new way of learning whilst redefining the meaning of FFP. 



Neill Wood, our Founder, is a Football Finance Professional, Chartered Accountant and Entrepreneur, contributing to the ever-changing landscape of education, with a unique product designed to teach finance through the medium of football. Neill has recently been made a Visiting Fellow in Sports and Football Finance in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at the prestigious Loughborough University. 

Neill qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2010 and when exploring his options in the market, he described his dream job as either the Financial Controller of Manchester United or Manchester City. In 2015, Neill successfully secured his dream role as Financial Controller of global football organisation City Football Group, the parent company of Manchester City.

Neill is now sharing his knowledge and experience of international finance, built up over 15 years inside and outside of sport, with you. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge about the subject matter, practical experience and a unique insight about what it is like to build a skill set and high performing team in one of most complex sports environments in the world.

With a passion for football, finance and education, Neill’s dream is now to inspire you to achieve your off pitch ambitions.

Mission Statement

To inspire people to achieve their off-pitch dreams through innovative learning opportunities and the sharing of real-world, practical experience, using sport as a medium to engage

Who do we serve?

The athlete, agent or parent looking to understand finance to benefit their careers, negotiations or the path to a dual career

The finance professional working in the football industry or looking to learn about football finance

Those looking to learn about finance through the engaging medium of football to benefit their career