The Curse of Premier League Relegation

The Premier League season has concluded, revealing the teams that will compete in the Premier League and the EFL Championship next season. In this journal, we explore the question: Is there a curse associated with Premier League relegation? We delve into the financial implications and the challenges faced by relegated clubs, both in their quest […]

Financial complexities of football agent fees

What are the financial complexities of agent fees in football? Are you a football agent, aspiring football agent, or a football finance professional? If so, you should have a basic understanding of the accounting and tax consequences of agent fees in the world of football. Read on to learn more. What are football agent fees? […]

Independent Regulator for English Football

An independent regulator for English football has been backed by the UK Government to address some of the current issues facing English football. This is one of the most significant changes in the English football landscape since the formation of the Premier League. So definitely worth understanding some more about in our view. What will […]

Qatar investors poised to bid to takeover Manchester United

Old Trafford football ground with "Reds go marching on" slogan.

Qatari investors are due to submit a bid to Raine Group for Manchester United, one of the most successful and popular football clubs in the world. With a £5 billion asking price, it is likely that Qatari investors could stump up the cash needed to acquire the club, but what does this mean for Manchester […]

Is Chelsea FC in a financial league of their own?

Is Chelsea FC in a financial league of their own? Read on to help you make your own mind up! Chelsea Football Club has been making headlines with their recent spending spree in the transfer market. As one of the top four English clubs who have consistently spent more than most since the formation of […]

January Transfer Window: The Financial Perspective

Photo by Waldemar Brandt from Unsplash

The January transfer window in football is a period of opportunity for all clubs to assess their squad requirements and make changes in the form of player sales, purchases, and loans. While the majority of player trading is done during the summer transfer window, the winter transfer window in January provides clubs with a second […]

Is Manchester red or blue?

November has been an extremely busy month with several news stories hitting the headlines and capturing the attention of those interested in football. This is especially in the case in the north west of England, where the focus of this blog lies. From Manchester City’s financial results for the year ended 30 June 2022 to […]

Corporation tax U-Turn and football

Money and wallet

What is corporation tax and who pays it? Football clubs do not pay corporation tax. So why does it matter about corporation tax rises since they will never change the amount of tax paid by a club? The UK government has now announced a U-turn on the proposed decision to not raise corporation tax to […]

The impact of the mini-budget on football

The rising cost of living, an increase in interest rates to control inflation, intervention from government and backlash. What is happening in the UK economy and the mini-budget? And how is it impacting football? Football may not be front of mind for government leaders when trying to tackle one of the greatest economic challenges in […]

Deadline Day – A manic day for the off pitch professional

Transfer Deadline Day Final negotiations, last minute changes to contractual terms, assessing the budget and tax position, dealing with agents, being as flexible in your working patterns as possible to the benefit of the club. Today is probably the most hectic single day for the off-pitch professionals working in football. The day the majority of […]

We are working with Loughborough University

We are working with Loughborough University to provide innovative education solutions to delegates from across the world. I repeat – I am working with Loughborough University! How did that happen? Where did it all start? Early childhood Growing up in Oldham, dreaming of becoming a professional athlete and studying in a state school, I can […]

UEFA’s new financial sustainability regulations

UEFA have today approved new financial regulations in what is being described as an evolution of the existing, rather complex club licensing and financial fair play regulations. So what’s new? In summary, not a huge amount. Especially to Premier League clubs who have recently been asked to no longer comply with short term cost control […]

Chelsea’s new licence – could the timing be any worse?

The future of the current World Club and UEFA Champions League Champions has today been placed in jeopardy. The restrictions placed on the club under the licence placed upon it today by the UK Government means that financial transactions are going to be limited, significantly impacting the ability for the club to trade. The licence […]

Why create my own online business? What do I hope to achieve?

What do you hope to achieve by setting up an online business? This will serve as a way to hold myself accountable in future I have been recently spending a lot of time running, training for the Manchester Marathon in support of The Natalie Kate Moss Trust. If you would like to support me in […]

Dear Sergio, it’s okay to cry sometimes

Dear Sergio, I write this note to you following the announcement of your retirement on 15 December 2021. I have no address to which I should send it. Although if I wanted to, I could find you on social media, through ex-colleagues or through other contacts. It is just days before Christmas and as millions […]

The Origin of Football Finance Professionals

You can probably count on one hand the number of people that know more about FFP in the world than you. That must be worth something to someone. Was what I heard from a friend, an advisor and a colleague when I finally handed in my resignation. 2020 was the year that changed the world […]

The Thoughts of our Founder

This is Neill Wood, the Founder of Football Finance Professionals. Welcome to my journal, my thoughts, my experiences, my failures and my successes. The aim of this content is to inspire you to dream, to set goals and achieve them, to tell you that it is possible no matter what people might say and to […]