Corporation tax U-Turn and football

Money and wallet

What is corporation tax and who pays it? Football clubs do not pay corporation tax. So why does it matter about corporation tax rises since they will never change the amount of tax paid by a club? The UK government has now announced a U-turn on the proposed decision to not raise corporation tax to […]

Deadline Day – A manic day for the off pitch professional

Transfer Deadline Day Final negotiations, last minute changes to contractual terms, assessing the budget and tax position, dealing with agents, being as flexible in your working patterns as possible to the benefit of the club. Today is probably the most hectic single day for the off-pitch professionals working in football. The day the majority of […]

We are working with Loughborough University

We are working with Loughborough University to provide innovative education solutions to delegates from across the world. I repeat – I am working with Loughborough University! How did that happen? Where did it all start? Early childhood Growing up in Oldham, dreaming of becoming a professional athlete and studying in a state school, I can […]