The Curse of Premier League Relegation

The Premier League season has concluded, revealing the teams that will compete in the Premier League and the EFL Championship next season. In this journal, we explore the question: Is there a curse associated with Premier League relegation? We delve into the financial implications and the challenges faced by relegated clubs, both in their quest […]

Independent Regulator for English Football

An independent regulator for English football has been backed by the UK Government to address some of the current issues facing English football. This is one of the most significant changes in the English football landscape since the formation of the Premier League. So definitely worth understanding some more about in our view. What will […]

Qatar investors poised to bid to takeover Manchester United

Old Trafford football ground with "Reds go marching on" slogan.

Qatari investors are due to submit a bid to Raine Group for Manchester United, one of the most successful and popular football clubs in the world. With a £5 billion asking price, it is likely that Qatari investors could stump up the cash needed to acquire the club, but what does this mean for Manchester […]

Is Chelsea FC in a financial league of their own?

Is Chelsea FC in a financial league of their own? Read on to help you make your own mind up! Chelsea Football Club has been making headlines with their recent spending spree in the transfer market. As one of the top four English clubs who have consistently spent more than most since the formation of […]

January Transfer Window: The Financial Perspective

Photo by Waldemar Brandt from Unsplash

The January transfer window in football is a period of opportunity for all clubs to assess their squad requirements and make changes in the form of player sales, purchases, and loans. While the majority of player trading is done during the summer transfer window, the winter transfer window in January provides clubs with a second […]